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Colloidal Copper and Liquid Shilajit

Special Limited-Time Promotion
I am NOW making Colloidal Copper and Liquid Shilajit.
*Special Promotion Price*
100mL Bottle of Colloidal Copper for RM100 (After the promotion period RM125 per bottle) AND as an EXTRA BONUS GIFT, I will include 1 Bottle (100mL) of Liquid Shilajit for FREE (value RM90)
Shilajit contains 87 Minerals, it is the BEST source of NATURAL minerals that we can consume.  
So you get:

1 Bottle (100ml) Colloidal Copper
1 Bottle (100ml) Liquid Shilajit
For RM100 (plus courier)

*This is a SUPER FANTASTIC DEAL.*  You will not get this price ANYWHERE for these products.  
At this price, there is not much profit involved for me, that's not my intention.  My intention is to help restore our health to where it should be.  God Willing.

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Our foods are being depleted of the rich minerals that we so very need for living.

The result is early death.  Listen to Dr. Joel Wallach explain in the audio recording below how people who have died of natural causes have died because of depletion in minerals and copper.

Dead Doctors Don't Lie by Mineral DoctorArtist Name
00:00 / 27:03
Dead Doctors Don't Lie by Mineral Doctor.jpg
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For a limited time: Buy 1 Bottle of Colloidal Copper (RM100+Courier) and receive 1 Bottle of Liquid Shilajit for FREE.  This is an extremely generous offer. please email to place an order.

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