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Covid Vaccine Detox Protocol: (1 month Protocol)

This Simple and Effective Detox will return balance to your body.

Safe and Effective Treatment for Adults and Children.

All Natural Products.

Sugar-Free - Vegan Friendly

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Take your health back into your own hands

We are now going through unprecedented times. Facing unprecedented challenges. There is an urgent need for a supplement that is specifically formulated to defend against the threats of today. Introducing the DETOX LIFEX10 by Advanced Herbs Co.

Rejuvenate your DNA

Health begins at a cellular level

The DETOX LIFEX10 is specifically formulated to deal with our current woes. This formula has the added benefit of helping with almost any disease or illness you might also be suffering from! How? By starting at the very basic building blocks of our life; taking care of our DNA and cellular health.


Detox LifeX10. Detox LifeX10 (eXTENd Your Life)

Product contains 30 sachets.  

Take 1 hour before sleeping:

Use the LifeX10 by taking and drinking a cup of water 1 time per day for 30 days.

Each of the LifeX10 includes 30 sachets.  So if you want to include your partner and family members in the protocol, you will need to order additional packages of the Lifex10.

In addition to the protocol and depending on your current health status - I recommend getting and using the Orgonite Zapper - Zapping will be helpful.



​MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement (also known as CDS - Chloride Dioxide Solution) - Chlorine dioxide returns balance to your blood system which would lead to blood clots.  MMS is a tried and proven product that repairs your body back to good health.

​DMSO - DMSO has a high Sulphur content, higher than glutathione. DMSO is highly effective in repairing your body.

​​​​​Day Protocol- Monday to Sunday

5 drops MMS and 5 Drops DMSO with 1 L water.  Drink the water during the day, from morning to afternoon.  Have a fixed starting time, i.e., 8 am to 4 pm and finish the 1L during this time.  Please read the MMS FAQ to know what neutralizes MMS and Watch my Video on how to mix MMS and DMSO.

Extra activities

Try to go for more walks and get some daily Sun for at least 15 minutes. 

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Please note: if you are in Malaysia or Singapore you can order the LIFEX10, MMS and DMSO from me.


Also note that 1 set of MMS will be enough for your entire family, as with the DMSO bottle.  You DO NOT need to order 1 set per person.   For the Detox LifeX10, you will need one package per person.  Please see my BUY page for the Latest prices.

​IMPORTANT: While you are on the Detox Protocol, please go for long walks at least 3 times per week.  Eat healthy foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And get 15 minutes of Sunlight every day.  DO NOT USE SUNSCREENS!!!​

Please Note:  There are NO side effects to using these products or the protocols.  This Detox Protocol can be effectively applied to anyone who has taken any of the COVID-19 vaccine shots.  Some people may have to use it for a longer period, especially if they opt for booster shots.  This protocol can also be used for those suffering from side effects of the vaccine.  Depending upon the severity of the side effect you may need to continue past the 2 months.


There are NO guarantees that the above protocols will remove 100% of the vaccine from your body, as it may depend upon the time from when you took the injections and the time that you started the protocol. Do your very best to maintain the daily protocols, it will require a lot of discipline to maintain every day but your health depends upon it.

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