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  • What is MMS?
    MMS is a 22.4% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water, when mixed with any one of several food grade acids it produces chlorine dioxide which is highly effective in eliminating toxins and disease pathogens in the body. It does this by a process of oxidation.
  • Does MMS cure?
    Many people say MMS cures this or that. But in fact, MMS does not cure disease. MMS kills pathogens and destroys (oxidizes) poisons. When pathogens and poisons in the body are reduced or eliminated, then the body can function properly and thereby heal. The body heals the body. MMS helps to line things up so the body can do just that.
  • Why do I need to take MMS/CDS?
    There are two basic reasons for doing the HRP (Health Recovery Plan): 1. To eradicate a disease and recover your health. 2. For cleansing purposes, to detox and thus get rid of poisons in the body, which can then help clear up a number of health problems both small and large. If you have a disease of most any kind then the decision is simple. What you want to do is eliminate the disease. When someone is sick, and especially if they are seriously sick, it is a good time for the person to stop and examine various things, such as their diet and lifestyle. Eating right, exercising right, and living right all contribute to good health. While good nutrition is important for the body to get well, when someone is on the protocols described in this book, it can actually be helpful to avoid taking nutritional supplements for a time. This is because pathogens also feed on good nutrition, so in a sense, if you are taking nutritional supplements while the pathogens are still alive, you are building up with one hand and tearing down with the other. In addition, some nutritional supplements neutralize MMS. This is especially true with cancer, and a number of major diseases—when you begin the protocols it is not the time to simultaneously be building up with an increase of extra nutritional supplements. In these cases, I would suggest that it is best to forgo taking supplements for two to three weeks, and possibly up to several weeks, depending on the situation. Because as I said, cancer cells and other pathogens can feed off good nutrition. You don’t want to do anything to encourage cancer or other diseases to live longer or multiply. The idea is to starve and kill the disease, not give it more to thrive on. ​If you have a major disease, as mentioned above, suspend or do not start any supplements as you begin taking MMS—try to give it time to sufficiently destroy the pathogens before adding in supplements. On the other hand, if you really feel the need for some type of supplements that you know are good, or you have already tried, you may want to add them in at some point (as suggested above, I would say not before two to three weeks for major diseases) and see how you do. It is imperative to pay close attention to how your body is reacting. If you are feeling good and doing better with the addition of a supplement(s), then continue. Do not change as long as you are improving. But if you do add supplements, (even though you take them at a different time than your MMS doses), and you are not progressing and getting well, or your healing is moving along too slowly, then it may be best to suspend the supplements again for a period of time. If taking supplements, it is very important to space them out from the times you are taking your MMS doses by at least two hours, or even more if you can.
  • Can I take supplements while taking MMS/CDS?
    Never take supplements at the same time you take your MMS dose. This includes vItamin C and multi-vitamins.
  • Can I eat while on my protocol?
    While on the protocols, it is best to plan your meals around your dosing. Space out the CD usage and meals by 20 to 30 minutes from the time you take your dose. For example, if you take your CD usage at 8:00 am, breakfast could be at 8:20-8:30 am, and your next dose at 9:00 am. Your breakfast should be relatively simple and small and take no longer than 10-15 minutes to eat. Likewise if you take an CD usage at 12 noon, lunch could be at 12:30 pm and so on. During the hours you are on the protocol, it is best to try and eat smaller meals and/or snacks, as opposed to very large meals. (Don't get me wrong, you can eat while taking CD, just avoid the larger meals during the hours you are taking your doses.) There are a variety of ways this can be done—adjust according to your daily routine. For example, if you start your protocol fairly early in the morning, say at 8:00 am, eight hours later would be 3:00 pm, which would be the time of your last dose. If you have had smaller meals or snacks during this eight hour dosing period, and you finish your last dose at 3:00 pm, this means that by 5:00 pm or later, you could have your larger meal of the day. Some people prefer to start their dosing later in the day, so that they are free in the morning hours to drink orange juice, or their cup of coffee or tea (see page 56 in the manual for more info). If a person starts their usage rate at 3:00 pm for example, their last usage would be at 10:00 pm if on the eight hour protocol. This means that before 1:00 pm they can have their coffee, tea or orange juice—things which are not compatible with CD and MMS2—at least two hours before starting the protocol. The idea is to adjust your dosing to fit your needs and schedule. See what works for you. The effectiveness of CD can be cancelled out when mixed with certain foods which are particularly high in antioxidants. Can I take Vitamin C or Multivitamins while taking CDS? No, MMS is already supplementing your immune system, so while you are on a protocol there is no need to take anything else extra.
  • What should I NOT take while on my protocol?
    The following food and drinks are to be avoided when on an MMS Protocol: Alcohol, chocolate, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, caffeinated drinks, tea (black, green and many herbal teas, including Moringa) milk, coconut water, orange juice, tangerine juice or any drinks with added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
  • Does it matter if I use a glass, ceramic or plastic cup to mix MMS or DMSO?"
    Best is glass or ceramic, if you use a plastic cup make sure it is a harden typle plastic and it will be fine.
  • How long do I continue Protocol 1000?
    Continue this 8 hour protocols until you are 100%. Once you are fully recovered, then you can stop taking MMS.
  • Do I need to continuously take MMS indefinitely?
    Continue using until you are 100%. Once fully recovered then stop.
  • Can I take hospital medication while on my protocol?
    Depends on the type of medication. I am personally not a believe in hospital medication becaues they are prone to cause other side effects in the body. Especially blood pressure and cholesterol medication. Please see the related articles on my Blog page. You have several options, you can either stop the medication while on the protocol and continue to use it after the protocol hours are completed. Or Reduced the protocol but risk neutralizing the MMS. Or Alternate days off. One day on MMS and off medication and then next day on medication and Off MMS. You need to think what is best for you, I can not make that determination.
  • Can we mix in some juice or puree as my child(ren) hate taste?
    Yes but you must make sure there's no added Vitamin C, as you must avoid it being neutralized. Just avoid anything with Vitamin C and you're good to go. The best option is to add honey, either 1 spoon or 2 spoons.
  • Is it ok to take MMS 2 or 3 times a day for just overall maintenance?
    For maintenance only, yes you can. What may be recommended is take before sleeping as it will help your body heal while you are sleeping.
  • How big should the glass of water be with the 3 drops?
    A standard mug size should be fine; the amount of water is as per the user to the degree of what they can drink. The more water you add the lesser the taste of the MMS and DMSO. If you drink less water, and the taste is strong then add a spoon or two of honey.
  • How do I know if I should take 1 drop, 3 drops or 5 drops?"
    The rule of thumb is to always start off slow and build up. The amount of drops would depend upon your sickness. I have books on various protocols and dosages, please email me and we can discuss about this in more detail.
  • Do I have to use a 1 L bottle to mix for my 8 hour protocol?
    Don't get too down on exact measurements and then you end up not taking anything at all. The idea is get the MMS and DMSO into your body so it can start working.
  • I use honey to mask the taste. Does this affect its efficacy?
    Not in the least. Just remember though, that not all honey is created equal. The supermarket cheap honey are loaded with sugar. Best to obtain Jungle honey or choose for a reputable brand of honey. The best honey in the world is Sidr honey from Yemen, though quit costly here in Malaysia. Try to find one in between.
  • Are there any side effects with MMS?
    Any time large amounts of pathogens are being killed off in the body quicker than the body is able to eliminate the toxins that the dead pathogens produce, it may cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea or other distress, such as excessive tiredness. This is called a Herxheimer reaction and is common when going through a detoxification program and the healing process. Please note that although the experience may not make you feel particularly good for a time, experiencing a Herxheimer reaction is usually a sign that healing is taking place. Other than that there are no side effects except to get well. Having said this, the idea is not to get sicker than you already feel. If one will follow the Three Golden Rules of MMS, as outlined in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, a Herxheimer reaction can be greatly minimized and/or avoided all together. On another note, the above mentioned discomforts pale in comparison to some side effects of chemotherapy and other pharmaceuticals.
  • What is the shelf life of the chlorine dioxide solution and how can I tell?
    The chlorine dioxide is dissolved in the water as a brown-yellow gas. The solution usually looks yellowish. If the vessel is open, the gas escapes quite quickly and a clear solution remains. The clearer the solution, the less chlorine dioxide it contains and the weaker the effect of the solution. You can extend the shelf life by closing the container and by cooling (e.g. in the refrigerator). CDS generally does not last as long as the 2 stand alone bottles (Mineral Solution and Activator Solution).
  • What about my “good” gut bacteria?
    If MMS kills all bacteria, then it must also attack my good intestinal bacteria. This is the most common objection against an oral intake of MMS. The condensed experience reports show, however, that MMS does not harm the good intestinal flora even with a longer continuous intake. We have no scientifically proven explanations for this, but we do have plausible and logical explanatory models. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer. Hydrogen peroxide and ozone are very powerful oxidizers and can destroy body cells as well as good bacteria. The next weaker oxidizer is oxygen. Our body cells and our good intestinal bacteria (1.45 volts) are able to hold on to their electrons in the face of the strong oxidizer oxygen. Otherwise, every breath we take would kill many thousands of cells in our body. Chlorine dioxide is a much weaker oxidizer. So if the cells can successfully defend their electrons against a strong oxidizer, they can do so even more so against the weaker chlorine dioxide (0.95 volts). This force to hold electrons is also called redox potential. Interestingly, most pathogenic germs (by the way, pathogenic germs are often anaerobic and do not use oxygen) have a lower redox potential than chlorine dioxide and are therefore attacked first by the MMS. In the MMS application protocols, usually only concentrations are recommended at which the good intestinal flora is maintained.
  • With the MMS, can I first put water into the glass and then the NaClO2 and activator drops?"
    No, water slows down the reaction very much! Please follow exactly the sequence according to the instructions.
  • How much water should I take for an oral portion of MMS/CDS?
    This is basically irrelevant. If there are 3 activated drops of MMS or e.g. 1ml of CDS in the glass and you drink the glass, you have always taken the same amount of chlorine dioxide. If there is little water in the glass e.g. 100ml, it tastes stronger. If there is a lot of water, e.g. 250ml in the glass, it tastes milder, but you have to drink more liquid
  • When should I take MMS and with which foods rather not?
    When MMS was still taken in few and high single doses, this question was important for a better tolerance. Since with the MMS-1000 and/or CDS-1000 protocol meanwhile far smaller doses and up to eight times a day are taken, it is now relatively unimportant whether one takes it before or after the meal. Eight times a day on an empty stomach would then only be possible during a fasting cure. I just think of my CDS bottle as a drink. I also do not make myself the stress to examine every food whether they can limit the effect of MMS. Even if I ate a pineapple once, the effect of one of my eight doses a day was slightly weakened. All this does not play the slightest role in this protocol designed for 4-6 weeks. So in this case, just don’t think too much!
  • Can I stop for a while in the middle of protocol 1000?
    Yes, since this is a cleansing program, you don’t jeopardize all the success like you do with antibiotics just because you had to take a break for personal or professional reasons. Just get back to it when you can.
  • Why do I have very strong nausea or vomiting or diarrhoea already with the slightest intake of MMS/CDS?
    This is now actually rare and can have various causes. On the one hand, a very rare chlorine allergy may be present. On the other hand, the body can be very germy and this one dose of MMS/CDS killed many more germs than other people. Then this high concentration of bacterial waste triggers the side effects due to the overload of kidneys and liver. Another cause may be the activator if you used citric acid, tartaric acid, etc. instead of the recommended hydrochloric acid. Some people are very overacidified and react also very violently to the rest acid in the MMS, here one should rather change to the pH-neutral CDSplus. As a last resort, you may have a parasite infestation. Parasites react very violently to chlorine dioxide, begin to multiply massively, and in a panic spill their intestinal contents into our bodies. These excretion products of the parasites such as ammonium, formaldehyde, histamine, manilin are neurotoxins for our immune system and can therefore trigger the severe side effects. Here a parasite cure, e.g. according to Dr. Andreas Kalcker (see book “Back2Balance”) would be indicated.
  • What is DMSO?
    Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) was first synthesized in 1866, has been available as a by-product of the paper pulp industry for many years, and is now used chiefly as an industrial solvent. In 1964 Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, et al. first described the remarkable medicinal properties of DMSO. When applied to intact human skin, the compound penetrates rapidly and produces a wide range of pharmacologic actions, including antiinflammation, local analgesia, bacteriostasis, diuresis, cholinesterase inhibition, enhancement of the action of concomitantly administered drugs, influence on collagen, nonspe-cific enhancement of immunity, vasodilation, and lessening of adhesiveness of blood platelets. As a result the compound has been used widely as a treatment for various conditions, including arthritis, bursitis, acute musculoskeletal trauma, scleroderma, trouble- some urogenital disorders, and various postoperative pain syndromes. To date little, if any, local or systemic toxicity has been notedin humans after the administration of DMSO.
  • How does DMSO work?
    According to the Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments (published by Medical Research Associates LLC) DMSO was known as a medical wonder product, “the aspirin of the 21st century,” before briefly falling out of favor with the FDA—which ultimately approved it, but limited its treatment usage. DMSO has a molecular bond with water that is 1.3 times stronger than water’s molecular bond with itself. Because of it, this unique solvent substitutes for water as it moves through the cell membranes; pulling substances through cells that ordinarily would not penetrate them. Some believe its basic therapeutic principle is its ability to alter and restore damaged cells by hydrating them, changing their water structure, and increasing cellular permeability—which allows cells to nourish themselves and dispose of wastes more easily. Although all of the mechanisms of this substance are not fully understood (neither was aspirin, until fairly recently), it is known that DMSO, acting as a carrier solvent, mixes readily with dextrose, and acts as a “Trojan Horse,” when pulled across the cell walls of tumors, which feed upon the dextrose (Sugar.) The DMSO then destroys the cancer cells without affecting normal tissue. “Supporters believe that DMSO can cut through a protein shell surrounding cancer cells and so may assist medications and the immune system in attacking cancer cells. It is also believed that DMSO can decrease the energy level of cancer cells and cause them to become benign.”1 “DMSO stimulates various parts of the immune system and scavenges hydroxyl radicals, the most potent of free radicals. Since free radicals promote tumor growth, this may be one of the mechanisms by which DMSO interferes with the development of cancer. It may also explain why patients who receive DMSO while undergoing either chemotherapy or radiation (both of which generate free radicals in order to kill cancer cells) are far less prone to such side effects as hair loss, nausea and dry mouth.”2 “There is evidence that DMSO can also protect against radiation damage.”3 1. Guide to Unconventional Cancer Therapies 1st ed. Toronto: Ontario Breast Cancer Information Project, 1994:271-274 2. Diamond WJ et al. An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer. Tiburon: Future Medicine Publishing Inc, 1997: 111,866-67 3. Dunlop M. Understanding Cancer: An Invaluable Book for Patients and Their Families. Toronto: Irwin 1985: 108-110 Further extensive research and evidence is in the book “DMSO: Nature’s Healer,” by Morton Walker, M.D.
  • Can I add DMSO to tea or coffee or juices?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I spray DMSO direct to the skin?
    Yes you can, but wash the area that you intend to spray on first with plain water. You should always diltue DMSO with water in the spray bottle. DMSO produces heat with contact to the skin so to prevent any unpleasant sensations make sure you dilute the DMSO first with water.
  • Does DMSO help with acne?
    Yes, it works extremely well. Make a spray bottle mixture and spray on your face several times a day. Do not dry the face afterwards just let it dry on it's own. Continue this treatment until the acne is gone.
  • Is DMSO effective as a cancer treatment?
    YES. In the documented research literature and in actual cases we have witnessed firsthand, evidence shows that it has brought about total remission on many high grade, aggressive tumors which had progressed (metastasized) to the lymph nodes and other areas of the body. Our greatest success has been against the lymphomas, glioblastoma, melanoma, prostate and colon cancer.
  • Are there any side effects associated with DMSO treatment?
    A few patients have reported a mild headache or a spell of chills. This is rare, and disappears when the dosage is reduced. DMSO has a slight odor like garlic and oysters. DMSO is gentle and non-toxic. It does not ordinarily cause nausea and vomiting, nor does it routinely destroy healthy tissue or blood cells, unlike standard chemo. It won’t cause anemia, except in cases where disease progression has damaged the pancreas or gallbladder, or in cases where prior standard chemotherapy and/or disease progression has damaged the bone marrow's ability to regenerate replacement red blood cells. When this side effect arises in a patient receiving DMSO (anemia) it can be offset with a blood transfusion, or the patient may be switched over to another alternative treatment. Patients who are warned of the risk of anemia are often willing to accept the trade-off and the possibility of a transfusion becoming necessary, when weighing it against the likelihood that the DMSO is also working to destroy their tumors. Despite occasional anemia, DMSO has none of the miserable side effects common to most standard chemotherapy agents. Research indicates that it protects against common side effects of standard chemo and radiation. It also protects against blood clot formation; a serious complication risk of surgery.
  • Will DMSO conflict with my standard chemotherapy?
    No, not if it is scheduled properly. DMSO, being a carrier solvent and also a chelating agent, (helping cells to rid themselves of waste, by making the cell membrane more porous) increases the effectiveness of whatever else is given in combination with it—but can also “chelate OUT” and diminish the effectiveness (or damage!) from standard chemo. To avoid any conflict between the two, it is best not to receive a DMSO infusion in the same day as standard chemo. We recommend a 48-72 hour safety margin for patients who have opted to receive both.
  • How often should I use DMSO?
    People have been known to apply DMSO anywhere from 1 to 6 or more times per day. For acute conditions, some sources recommend that you apply it every two hours for six to eight hours immediately after the injury occurs. Then, for the next five days or more, apply DMSO every four to six hours. Typically the benefit from DMSO uses will come in the first three weeks. For chronic conditions, the effects may take longer. Chronic pain patients often have to apply the substance for 6 weeks before a change occurs, but many report relief to a degree they had not been able to obtain from any other source. Although some notice some easing of pain right away, it may take six to eight weeks, or even six months in rare cases, for the maximum benefit to be achieved depending on the person and their pain
  • Why is DMSO common mixed with organic Aloe Vera gel?
    Aloe Vera can help to relieve the temporary skin irritation that can occur when DMSO is applied topically. Aloe Vera is also beneficial to skin in a variety of ways and has anti-inflammatory properties. Another reason is DMSO generates heat and Aloe Vera is a cooling agent so they complement each other.
  • Does DMSO Expire?
    DMSO has a shelf life of 2 years at room temperature 59°-86° F (15°- 30° C). DMSO should be stored in a cool, dry place. But not refridgerated. Store DMSO in a sealed container in a cool, dark place (out of direct sunlight). DMSO can be stored in some types of plastics. Since other plastics can be dissolved by DMSO, storing it in glass is the most commonly preferred option.
  • My DMSO arrived frozen solid is that okay?
    DMSO will freeze and crystallize around 64° F. Frozen DMSO will look like glass shards or can be completely solid. If your item arrives in this condition, simply place the container in a sealed, clear plastic bag (to protect the label), then run warm water over it. This may take a while for it to become thawed out, depending on how cold it is.There is no practical way to keep DMSO above 64° F when shipping, This is very common as some couriers will have air conditioned facilities when the package is waiting to be delivered and in no way affects the performance of the product in any way. DO NOT EXPOSE DMSO to temperatures above 110° F or put it in a microwave!
  • Is DMSO safe to mix with other things like essential oils?
    One of the reasons DMSO is so awesome is because it’s a binder and a carrier; meaning it can increase the absorption rate of many things you add to it, so please be careful with anything you’re adding or coming into direct contact with while applying DMSO.
  • If I am allergic to sulfa can I use DMSO?
    There is commonly some confusion regarding sulfa allergies and sulfur. Sulfur is an essential element of life and is the eighth most prevalent element in the human body. No one is allergic to sulfur itself. When people say that they are allergic to sulfur they mean sulfites or sulfonamides, not sulfur or sulfates. DMSO is an organosulfur compound and does not contain sulfa.
  • Can I used DMSO if I am on blood thinners or pregnant or nursing?
    People on blood thinners or who are pregnant or nursing should not use DMSO.
  • What are recommended ways to take Zeolite?
    There is no wrong way. We recommend consuming Zeolite in virtually any format - baked into cookies or bread, mixed in breakfast cereal, added to morning coffee, mixed in beverages of any type. Mixed in cookies was how zeolite was used to remove radiation from Russians who were contaminated after the Chernobyl incident. Zeolite ability to remove toxins is not disturbed by cooking or baking. Please note that “starting slower” is ALWAYS better. We recommend starting at 1/2 to one teaspoon per day and increasing slowly from there.
  • Is Zeolite suitable for children’s use?
    Yes. In fact, the Russian government gave zeolite to large numbers of children to detoxify them from radiation following the Chernobyl reactor meltdown. It is well known that by birth children have already absorbed a large amount of toxins from their mothers while gestating and continue to do so while nursing. We do recommend, however, waiting until a child is at least a year old and eating solid foods. We also recommend using smaller serving sizes than for adults, such as 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon (depending on size).
  • How does powdered Zeolite make contact with toxins in order to trap them?
    Natural Zeolite Powder makes contact with the blood as it passes through the villi of the small intestines. Intestinal villi are actually “mixing chambers”, and there are millions of them in one’s intestines. It is in this mixing chambers that food particles have intimate contact (by mixing with the blood). Blood enters the the villi so that the blood can pick up food particles and and carry them throughout the body. The blood circulates back out of the villi (after having come in to get food), but the zeolite does not go into the bloodstream. While the zeolite is going through the alimentary canal and villi along with food particles, fiber, water, wastes, etc. the zeolite captures whatever toxins were in the blood and intestinal tract and then continues its path through gastrointestinal tract. Eventually, the zeolite (laden with the toxins it has trapped) exits the body in one’s stools.
  • How much Zeolite is recommended to be consumed?
    We recommend one to a maximum of 5 teaspoon servings spread out during the day depending on a person’s “estimation” of their toxic load and depending on how one feels at a particular dosage. Zeolite can cause constipation in higher doses. One could even take more zeolite than five teaspoons if highly toxic. Some people have taken up to ten teaspoons a day for a period of time (with a lot of extra water to avoid constipation). A possible gauge other than how one feels for determining a dosage could be the urine and stool smell. A bad smelling stool means ammonia is present in the stool. So, when the urine and stool becomes odorless, that zeolite dosage is just about perfect.
  • Who is Zeolite good for?
    We recommend Zeolite for all of the following: plants, animals and people. Zeolite makes greener lawns and healthier plants, animals and people, both by increasing nutrition and especially by trapping harmful substances so that they do no damage. For instance, with plants, Zeolite prevents the uptake of arsenic and even radiation from the soil. As an example, after the Chernobyl reactor accident, the Russian government spread hundreds of millions of pounds of zeolite on the ground to trap the radiation. As a result, the foliage in this area has blossomed as never before.
  • Is Zeolite a nutrient as well as a detoxifer?
    Some people might call Zeolite a nutrient because it can deliver silica, calcium and potassium to the body. However, Zeolite’s primary contribution to health is detoxification.
  • How does powdered Zeolite make contact with toxins in order to trap them?
    Natural Zeolite Powder makes contact with the blood as it passes through the villi of the small intestines. Intestinal villi are actually “mixing chambers”, and there are millions of them in one’s intestines. It is in this mixing chambers that food particles have intimate contact (by mixing with the blood). Blood enters the the villi so that the blood can pick up food particles and and carry them throughout the body. The blood circulates back out of the villi (after having come in to get food), but the zeolite does not go into the bloodstream. While the zeolite is going through the alimentary canal and villi along with food particles, fiber, water, wastes, etc. the zeolite captures whatever toxins were in the blood and intestinal tract and then continues its path through gastrointestinal tract. Eventually, the zeolite (laden with the toxins it has trapped) exits the body in one’s stools.
  • What does Zeolite taste like?
    It has a slightly chalky taste.
  • Why detoxify the body?
    With today's diet we not only provide the body with valuable nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, but also absorb substances that can harm our health in certain amounts. Pollutants include environmental contaminants, such as heavy metals, aluminium and ammonium, which can enter food via air, water and soil pollution. These pollutants have the unpleasant property of accumulating in the food chain. These substances can also be found in our living and working environment, such as in medicines, cosmetics, household chemicals, dusts, vapours, paints, varnishes, solvents and disinfectants, technical equipment, water pipes and energy-saving lamps.
  • How do I detoxify my body?
    A simple and naturally popular possibility of detoxification is the intake of natural minerals such as Zeolite in the form of medical products. These can bind harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminium and ammonium in the digestive tract like a sponge. Since these natural minerals themselves are insoluble in water and indigestible, they are simply excreted naturally with the bound pollutants in the stool via the intestines. The organism is relieved.
  • How does detoxification of the body work?
    The natural minerals Zeolite and Bentonite contained in medical products have, among other things, the special property of selectively eliminating certain harmful substances through ion exchange and adsorption, for example, Aluminium (Al3+), Lead (Pb2+), Mercury (Hg2+), Cadmium (Cd2+), Ammonium (NH4+) and Histamine (C5H9N3) in their natural cavities and to release the minerals located in the cavities such as calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), sodium (Na+) and potassium (K+). Here is a simplified scheme of the detoxification principle: natural structure of Zeolite:
  • Is the intake of Zeolite harmless?
    Yes, if Zeolite is used in the form of CE-approved, certified medical products for ingestion.
  • How long has Zeolite been used?
    Earth in the form of healing earth from rock powder, clay, peat, clay, loess, mud and moor has been used as a gentle, natural remedy since immemorial times. Zeolite was discovered in 1756 by the Swedish mineralogist and chemist Baron Axel Frederick Cronstedt. The molecular structure of Zeolites has been known since the 1920s, which enabled their use for ion exchange. Since there were not enough natural Zeolites in the 1950s, synthetic Zeolites were produced in the laboratory. Today, natural Zeolites are also mined in large quantities and are of good quality. Though, It is also known that Zeolite has been used in Asia for 800 years.
  • Are there any undesirable side effects?
    Clinoptilolite Zeolite is non-toxic. In rare cases, constipation may occur if fluid intake is too low. This effect is dose-dependent and can be avoided by sufficient hydration and dose reduction.
  • What is important for first-time users?
    Please start slow introduction with 1 daily application. If necessary, the application can be increased slowly to 2 times daily, maximum 3 times daily. Experience has shown that in cases of high sensitivity or longer pauses, the application should start slowly with lower dosages and should also be slowly increased to the individual maintenance dose.
  • What is important when taking medication?
    After taking medication, a time interval of at least 2 hours should be observed.
  • Is it dangerous to consume more than the recommend dosage?
    No, it is absolutely not and there are no side effects. Any more daily would be a waste and the body will excrete the excess amount.
  • Can we keep the water for a day and still retain the effect / benefit of the single file molecular structure?
    Yes, longer than that, you can freeze it (ice cubes) or keep in the fridge for cool drinks or boil for tea/coffee. It still retains it's structure.
  • Can I activated fruit juices?
    Yes, you can, add the fruit juices to the included jug and activate it.
  • How long does it take to activate water?
    It takes 30 minutes to activate the water.
  • How long with the activator work?
    MRET WATER ACTIVATOR can be used in a "WORK" mode for the total of 7,200 hours or for 14 400 half-hour operation cycles. It makes: 2 years in case of 10 hours average daily usage (20 cycles or 40 liters), 4 years – in case of 5 hours average daily usage (10 cycles or 20 liters), most common 5 years – in case of 4 hours average daily usage (8 cycles or 16 liters), etc. After the specified term the activator has to be replaced with the new one. I myself don't use the machine for 4 hours per day. Maybe the most, I will do 2 or 3 Water treatments per day. So on average of 1.5 hours. let's say we round that up to 2 hours, that means about 10 years before the activator needs to be changed.
  • What are the main benefits of MRET water activation?
    MRET water activator structures the water before you drink it. Thus, you get a unique source of water with the beneficial, healing and rejuvenating properties at home. During the 30 minutes MRET activator will produce for you and your family 2 liters of structured water with beneficial properties which were extensively studied and confirmed by numerous biological and physical experiments at Certified Research Institutions and Universities. MRET WATER ACTIVATOR is a household appliance, not a medical device.
  • What are the main principals of MRET water activation and how does the MRET water activator structure the water?
    The process of MRET activation changes the structure of water and other liquids creating the long-range dynamic multilayer water molecular structures similar to the structures of cell water in biological systems. During the process of activation the water is subjected to the subtle low-frequency electromagnetic field comparable with geomagnetic field of the Earth in the areas around healing water springs. This spontaneous electromagnetic field is generated by unique MRET polymer compound with fractal structure which has properties compatible with the properties of the cellular fractal structures in living tissues. Therefore, such field can enter into a resonance with the electromagnetic signals of the cells in living organisms. The field generated by MRET polymer affects the water in the same way as the signals generated by the fractal structures of living tissues affect the cell water. As a result they structure MRET water similar to the cell water structuring. It is biologically safe process because MRET water is produced with the help of non-contact process from drinking water and remains chemically pure and non toxic. It can keep its structural basis and significant part of beneficial properties for a long time.
  • What are the unique properties and benefits of MRET activated water?
    • MRET water has a unique long-range dynamic structuring similar to cell water. It is compatible with cell water and as a result it has the enhanced hydration capacities and it is easy absorbed by the tissues of the body. MRET water penetrates into the cells and exterminates from the cells about three times faster than regular water. • Improves nutrient transport and assimilation due to the fact of faster hydration. • Accelerates and improves the processes of extermination of waste products out of the body and the detoxification of the body due to the enhanced cellular hydration. • The intensified hydration with the structured MRET water leads to the improvement of metabolism and of the process of regeneration of healthy cells, thus substantially enhancing homeostasis of the body. It also helps to slow down the process of ageing because this process is closely related to the cells dehydration. Therefore, the application of MRET water in cosmetic purposes improves the skin, strengthens and makes shine the hair. • MRET water has antibacterial sterilizing effect. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and mutated cells and supports the life activity of normal healthy cells. • Significantly improves the work of the immune system, including the factors of natural resistance of the body against the penetration and reproduction of bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms, such as phagocytosis, thus strengthening the resistance of the body to infections.
  • Would there be any difference between MRET activation for 30 minutes and for more than 30 minutes and is it possible to treat more than 2 litres of water applying the activator for longer time?
    The optimal activation is 30 minutes. You will not get any additional benefits by activating water for longer than 30 minutes. The capacity of the household model of MRET activator is 2 litters. You cannot activate the larger quantity using MRET activator.
  • Is it possible to reduce the time of MRET activation from the current 30 minutes?
    Based on valuable scientific research 30 minutes was found to be the optimum time for activation.
  • How much of MRET water is better to drink?
    You can drink MRET water following the principle “Listen to your body.” At the initial stage during the period of extraction of the toxins or in case of health problems it is recommended to begin the consumption of water starting with 0.5 glasses a day, gradually increasing the dosage up to 3 glasses a day. After the adaptation of the body to MRET water it is possible to continue to drink it as much as you like and also to prepare tea, coffee, soups and other liquid products on MRET water. Your pets will enjoy drinking MRET water. You can use it to water plants and flowers.
  • Can MRET water be stored in a metal container?
    It is better to store MRET water in a glass, plastic, or ceramic container. Short-term storage in metal containers like a sport bottle is okay.
  • Can we use MRET water for cooking or activating other liquids?
    Yes! You can cook on MRET water and activate other liquids such as milk, juice, vegetable oil, wine, etc. According to testimonials the taste of many products is improved after MRET activation.
  • Does MRET water contain minerals?
    It depends on the source of the water. If you use water that is enriched with minerals, then there are minerals in the MRET water.
  • Can I wash fruits and vegetables with MRET water?
    Yes. MRET water will keep washed vegetables and fruits longer and fresher in the refrigerator.
  • Is it beneficial to spray MRET water on my face and/or skin and if so, what benefits could I expect from doing so?"
    Yes, it is absolutely beneficial to spray MRET water on your face and/or skin. MRET water helps to enhance intercellular communication and hydration of the skin tissue. It assists in keeping the skin moist and elastic. Several people suffering from eczema and psoriasis reported improvements in their condition.
  • Can I use MRET water to wash the body or hair?
    Yes. The research confirmed the reduction of free radicals following the process of MRET activation and particularly the reduction of ions of calcium and magnesium (hardness of water). As a result the water is ‘softer’ which helps you having smoother, softer skin and shinier hair.
  • Can MRET water be beneficial in case of health problems such as cancer?
    Oncology research on 500 mice under the supervision of Professor Vladimir Vysotskii at Kyiv Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology, Ukraine Academy of Science provided the following results: MRET water increased the life span of mice by 61% and inhibited the tumour growth by 76% (during 3 weeks testing). The scientific investigations in vitro conducted under the supervision of Patrick Pezzoli, Ph.D. at AltheaDx Technology, San Diego confirmed that MRET water significantly inhibited the growth of HeLa cancer cells by 54% (after 24 hours incubation).
  • What is zapping?
    The Zapper is a very simple yet powerful device that zaps parasites in your body. It sends a 15hz frequency charge into your body that kills parasites. MMS and DMSO will both zap parasites but the zapper is what I call the lazy man's healing device. You just strap it on to your arm or leg and you can wear it for 24 hours and it does its thing. There's no protocol, no drinking, no mixing, no fuss.... that's why I call it the lazy man device. I like the zapper actually. It's simple and works and inexpensive.
  • Can I wear the zapper as long as I like?
    Yes, we have not found any reason why not. Only your own comfort should dictate the length of your zapping session. We know that Hulda Clark recommends three sessions of 7 minutes each. We have never followed that recommendation and still reached stunning results. Of course continued zapping on the same spot of your skin can become uncomfortable or in rare cases even leave burn marks or skin irritations (when you sweat or your body is overly acidic). In these cases, please move the zapper to another spot frequently.
  • What can the Zapper help YOU with?
    All pathogenic organisms, from "bad" bacteria, parasites to cancer cells are adverse to the negative ionization (corresponding to healthy life energy state) caused by the zapper. They simply die, at least a significant number of them. That on its own starts an amazing recovery process which is further aided by the orgone energy components in our three orgone zappers. By simply using common sense, you can figure out yourself if a zapper will we helpful in your case. If you are suffering from any disease caused by bacterial infection, parasites (The average US-citizen carries a pound of these disgusting creepy crawlies) or the "Big C", a zapper will help.
  • Is it useful for injuries / when the area is damamged and we have limited range of movement?
    Yes, sometimes limited range of motion may be due to arthritis which are parasites.
  • I have cancer will the zapper help?
    YES! It works very well on cancer and ANY parasitic disease.
  • How does the Zapper attach to my body?
    The zapper has a velcro strap and you can attach it to your arms or legs, this leaves your hands free to use. You wear the zapper under your clothes, so you can be driving, dropping, working while the zapping it going on.
  • Does the Zapper connect to a power source?
    No it does not, it uses one 9V battery so you are able to move around freely.
  • How long do I need to wear the zapper?
    As long as it takes to remove the parasites from your body and make you disease free. The time frame will generally depend upon the type of disease that you have. For severe cases of cancel maybe 2 to 3 months.
  • Can I use the Zapper to prevent my cancer from re-occuring?
    Yes, you can. It is a great preventative measure to use and it has ZERO side effects on your body.
  • The red light on the zapper is it supposed to be flickering or constant?
    It flickers when turned on. When the battery starts to get low, the light will start to dim and that is a good time to change the battery.
  • Can children use the Zapper?
    The zapper is children and animal safe to use.
  • Can the Zapper help with Autism?
    Yes, there are testimonials of parents who used the zapper with their children having Austim. Austims is caused by the vaccines. Zeolite, MMS and DMSO also work really good to recover children from austim. There are many testimonials of parents who were able to recover their autistic children. The Doctors will have you to believe that Austism is genetic and incureable. This is a lie. It is caused by the vaccines and it is cureable.
  • What is the difference between an orgone zapper and a "normal" Hulda Clark Zapper?"
    A normal Hulda Clark zapper is an entirely electrical device. depending on the philosphy of the manufacturer, it mostly has 2 hand held electrodes and operates at a higher frequency than ours. It has no orgone components. According to our own experience with our simple zappers (the ones without the orgonite and other healing elements) a normal Hulda Clark Zapper works well in eliminating parasites. This has been well established by Dr. Hulda R. Clark's own research of course. The orgone zapper adds to this the healing power of orgone. One could say in a simplified manner: The zapper cures - The orgone energy heals. Sensitives have described the aura enhancing effect of the zapper reaching it's full strength after half an hour of zapping.
  • Where should I use it?
    Our orgone zapper can be applied to any part of the body. The current will carry the frequency and subtle waves throughout the entire body. It does not need to be applied on the target area of the body, but can be used in the general area if desired.
  • Can parasites cause dementia?
    Yes, parasites cause dementia because researchers have found a connection between infection with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food from or at the expense of its host. There are three main classes of parasites that can cause disease in humans: protozoa, helminths, and ectoparasites.
  • Does the zapper need to be worn 24hours 365 days? The Dr. hulda Clark recommended use for 7 mins at intervals of 20 mins 3 times a day.
    It doesn't need to be worn 24/7, but doesn't hurt either. Also remember, the purpose of using and wearing the zapper is to cure your chronic sickness. Once the sickness is cured, you do not need to wear the zapper any more. You have to understand her design of the zapper. It had 2 copper electrodes that you hold in each hands. It is not practical to use her zapper for hours. It's impossible, as your hands and arms will go numb. That's why she says to use in intervals. The re-design to wear on your arms or legs is the best thing and now allows you to wear for hours or the entire day.
  • After wearing the Zapper overnight, there are two burn marks on my leg/arm, what does that mean?"
    When you wear the zapper for a long period of time, especially under your garments or under a blanket, as you sweat, the contact points may leave small burn marks. The size of the mark may depend on how much you sweat and how long you wore the zapper. Do not worry, after a few weeks these marks will disappear, they are NOT permanent. To accelerate the removal of the marks, use a DMSO spray daily. If you are planning to wear the zapper for a long period of time, what you can do is every couple of hours, re-position or move the zapper to the other limb, so if you had it on the left arm move it to the right arm or leg. This will help to avoid the marks. Again, the burn marks are not you getting electrocuted. The volts going thru your body is a very small amount and the burn marks will start to fade away in time.
  • Do I have to unscrew and add the battery?
    No unscrewing is necessary. Just use your finger nail to open the back panel and you'll see the clip connector for the battery inside.
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