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The latest crave in healing devices are these Terahertz Wand Blowers.  These are the latest 6th Generation Blowers (2022).

They look and work like hair dryers that blow out hot air, but it’s a little more to that, the colours are just for personal choice.  I have seen some great testimonials from people using these devices and I have one also that mostly my wife is using and she likes.

I have discussed about the Lymphatic system and that heat is the key to get the lymphatic system flowing, that why these blowers work and they work well.  A lot of health problems can be alleviated, including losing weight, just by working on this elimination system as I referred to it in my health book.  I talked about using hydrotherapy and your hands to unclog the lymphatic system using the concepts of lymphatic drainage massage, that works for me, but if you want to go a little further and don’t mind spending a few bucks this device might be an excellent addition to get.  You would use the blower on the same areas neck and body as describe in the lymphatic drainage massage videos.  You can also use it on your face, arms and legs.  Where ever you need to be worked on.

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