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The Heavy Metals Lie & Master Ali's Tea

Master Ali's Tea - The New Formula

The base for the tea are these 3 ingredients:
1. Shilajit (available through me)
2. Burdock Root (please order online)
3. Gold/Irish Sea Moss (please order online)

If you put too much of the ingredients, it will cause the tea to be bitter.  So for the first few attempts, it will be trial and error for you.

How much of the ingredients may depend upon how many cups you plan to make per serving.

Let's assume 2 cups.

Add 2 cups of water in a pot, add in about 4-5 pieces of Burdock Root, and bring to a boil for about 5-10 minutes until you see the water colour turn brown.  

Then add in a half tablespoon of the Sea Moss.  The water will start to bubble, then reduce the heat or turn off the stove.  Then add a pea-sized portion of the Shilajit by using a metal spoon and stir in the hot water until all the Shilajit has dissolved into the water. 

For my liking, the above is not bitter at all, but if you find it bitter, add some honey, stevia or monk fruit powder to sweeten, as per your choice.

You can also add other items to the tea as well, for example:
Ashwagandha, Chaga Mushroom (for cancer), Lion's Mane Mushroom, etc.
You can also add Master Ali's Forever Serum to the Tea as well.   

Drink 2x per day (preferably morning and night/before or after a meal is OK)


Grand Master Ali

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