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HEALTH FACT CHECK #1: The Great Cholesterol Lie.

(If you know someone who is taking medication to lower their cholesterol, please forward this Health Fact Check to them.)

We've all heard is so many times to maintain a low cholesterol. So I found this website that gave 11 points on lowering your cholesterol.

1. Oats. An easy first step to lowering your cholesterol is having a bowl of oatmeal or cold oat-based cereal like Cheerios for breakfast.

Of course, they don't tell you that you'll need to eat 30 bowls of oats just to lower your cholesterol for the day nor that Cheerios is loaded with white sugar.

So no need to list the rest of the 11 points, if their first point is already bad advice.

We know that Oats are no good for humans, let along Cheerios. So please stop eating oats and oatmeal.

As per my blog post here:

Everything you’ve been told about saturated fat and cholesterol being bad for your health is wrong. In fact, consuming natural foods rich in saturated fat and cholesterol should be your number one source of calories. Believe it.

How did the war on Cholesterol begin?

Back in the late 40's, scientists and researchers assembled in Framingham, NY to study the cause of, and hopefully find a cure for heart disease.

This group, known as the "The Framingham Study" made some headway into discovering some things that contribute to heart disease. Then, in 1961, they stumbled upon cholesterol and with incomplete "faulty" research, lacking in scientific fact, became so convinced they found the answer, other research was disregarded and tunnel vision set in.

Unfortunately, this "tunnel vision" blinded researchers and regulators from the truth that was right in front of them and big drug companies and special interest lobby groups used these findings to capitalize for their own greed.

Soon after, the low-fat theory was born and the Food Pyramid followed that promoted manufactured, low-fat foods filled with sugar, promoted starches all of which the human body was never designed to process.

Here's the Truth - Cholesterol Is Vital, Not Evil!

Once you see how this colossal error began and allowed to continue, you'll understand that cholesterol is absolutely essential for human life. It is manufactured by the body and in fact, if you don't get enough from foods you eat, your body will manufacture its own supply. That's how important it is.

Countless clinical studies have shown that lowering the amount of cholesterol in your diet has little to no effect on the amount that ultimately circulates through your blood stream.

But, in spite of an overwhelming collection of evidence, we still cling to the notion of a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, and the idea that heart disease is a result of too much cholesterol floating through arteries.

Why? Because we are bombarded with statin drug commercials, mass media, marketing hype and doctors who insist cholesterol must be lowered.

So even with the cholesterol theory of low-fat, low-cholesterol diet has been pushed for decades, the facts, which are proven time and time again, say Heart disease deaths continued to soar throughout all these decades reaching epidemic proportions.

All of the high profile government funded research and programs placed a significant part of the blame for heart disease on cholesterol in the arteries. And this is when the drug companies very quickly swooped in to influence the science in this field. They got their people on FDA panels, and they were part of creating the "National Cholesterol Education Program.” The standard of care for “high cholesterol” then became the treatment of cholesterol levels with medication and a low-fat diet.

The National Cholesterol Education Program also led to the simplified and arbitrary numerical standards for measuring healthy cholesterol levels. These were recommendations for a Total Cholesterol of below 200 and LDL Cholesterol below 100. It also recommended a low-fat diet and prescription based statin drugs for treatment. Doctors were then bound by this standard of care.

Regardless of its merits, it became standard medical practice to treat “high cholesterol” with statin drugs and to recommend a low-fat high-carb diet. So physicians today basically have no choice but to recommend treatment with statin medications for anyone with elevated cholesterol. Otherwise treatment would be considered below the standard of care; not a good position to be in when considering medical malpractice insurance.

It is within the context of faulty science, the prevailing standard of care, poor nutritional education and powerful vested interests that the primary means of treating “high cholesterol” became a class of drugs called statins.

Prior to statins it was very difficult to lower cholesterol levels with medication. But with the development of this new class of drugs in the early 1990’s it became possible to lower cholesterol levels by 30–40% in short order. In other words, take a pill and empirically lower a “bad” number. This makes for very easy treatment and verifiable numerical results.

Statins have also become enormously profitable for all who promote their use as a means to lower cholesterol. In the mid-1990s, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals introduced the cholesterol-lowering statin drug Lipitor (atorvastatin). It hit the marketplace with a bang, quickly becoming the most profitable and best-selling drug in the history of the world. Yes the same Pfizer who is make the Corona virus vaccine.

Based on the billions of dollars in annual revenue generated by what so many people describe as magic pills for heart health, other drug companies quickly jumped on the statin bandwagon.

Here’s a reality check for people who are taking a statin drug. These drugs will artificially lower your cholesterol levels, but they will not prevent a heart attack, stroke, or cardiovascular disease.

Statins have become a doctor’s first line of defense despite the fact that these drugs, while being touted as a grand cure-all, have done nothing to stop the rise of heart disease.

The bottom line? If you have high cholesterol but have no heart disease and have never experienced a heart attack, there is no compelling evidence that you should be taking a statin drug.

In addition, statins are considered by many health professionals to be extremely dangerous and have many side effects such as fatigue, muscle soreness, joint soreness, memory loss as well as a weakening of mental focus. There have also been studies that demonstrate a relationship between statin usage and an increased likelihood of diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Based on the side effects and the fundamental metabolic pathways that are interrupted by these statin drugs, probably 100 percent of people taking them experience side effects, they just might not be aware of them yet. These statins are disrupting their metabolism and negative things are going on.

The effects of cholesterol on memory are fully documented. Cholesterol is vital for both the formation and function of each memory synapse in our brains. As thousands of people can testify, when you have no cholesterol, you have no memory.

Now that I have sparked your interest on Cholesterol being essential for the body, it is important that you learn what is the real cause of heart disease. Follow the research and click on the link below to watch these videos to learn and understand more and find out the real culprit behind heart disease.

TQ Master Ali

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