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Please Help Share This Lifesaving Information

Since the beginning of this pandemic, a powerful and ruthless entity has been distorting and suppressing the information about a very effective, save, simple, and cheap substance for preventing and treating COVID-19.

COMUSAV (Coalición Mundial Salud y Vida/World Health and Life Coalition) is a nonprofit global coalition of physicians, scientists, therapists, lawyers, and other professionals that aims to save lives and to end the COVID-19 pandemic with CDS. As of March 2021, COMUSAV was present in 25 countries with over 5,000 physicians using CDS – with a high effectiveness in treating COVID-19 patients and no adverse side effects whatsoever.

Viral Outbreak and Disease – Truth, Freedom, and Health (PDF ebook) Location: The attachment (Viral Outbreak and Disease.pdf) is the ebook.

If you don't receive the attachment, you can download from here:

Below is the Table of Contents: Introduction Truth, Freedom, and Health

Part One – Truth 1.1 The Truth about Chlorine Dioxide and Big Pharma & Partners 1.2 Disinformation and Suppression against MMS and CDS

Part Two – Freedom 2.1 Make 28% Master Mineral Solution (MMS) 2.2 Make 25% Sodium Chlorite Solution (SCS) 2.3 Make 4% Hydrochloric Acid Solution (HAS) 2.4 Make 50% Citric Acid Solution (CAS) 2.5 Make 3,000-ppm Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)

Part Three – Health 3.1 CDS Protocols for Viral Outbreak and Disease 3.2 Maintain a Strong Immune System

Appendices A: Important Facts on MMS B: Toxicity of Chlorine Dioxide C: Clinical Study of Chlorine Dioxide D: Treaties on Chlorine Dioxide E: Donations in US Politics F: Crimes against Humanity: Big Pharma & Partners G: Crimes against Humanity: Chinese Communist Party H: Join the Resistance I: Clinical Trial of CDS J: Bolivia Endorses CDS K: Drugs vs Dilute CDS L: The Game Changer M: Freedom of Speech N: Global Health Revolution O: Quotations on Revolution P: Recommended Books Q: Recommended Videos R: Recommended Websites S: How to Share this Ebook T: Earn Good Deed Points U: Recommended Videos List V: Terms and Abbreviations

Please share the lifesaving ebook far and wide to help save lives, help end the COVID-19 pandemic, and help spread the truth about Chlorine Dioxide and CDS.

Thank you for your consideration. Yours truly,

COMUSAV Supporter (use Google translator to translate the website.)

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