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Master Healing Plan

I have been working on a heal recovery plan with a woman from my health group and I thought I would share this with everyone. All of it is information that I shared before in the past but it is a good refresher.

Here is what I told her:


In my Med Bed course, which you have, I said, to control 2 of the body's systems.

Consumption system and Elimination system

We'll start with Consumption.

Consumption is as it says, anything you consume which is food and water. Eat natural foods that are electrical. How do you know they are electrical? check with the pendulum that they spin to the right, as I demonstrate in the Med Bed Course.

Non-electrical foods (ie. Processed foods/junk foods) will spin to the left.

Drink only MMS/DMSO water - water from the tap or even boiled/bottled water is non-electrical. By adding MMS and DMSO to the water it changes it to electrical water.

What does eating and drinking electrical mean? It raises the negative voltage in your body. When your body is running at the right negative voltage it will heal itself. It will automatically remove toxins and it will remove extra weight.

A healthy body is a lean body. Pure and simple. Now a days you see a lot of people with tummy's/bellies bulging over their belt. These are all a sign of pour drainage of their lymphatic systems. Which we will get into next.

Now I will get into the elimination system: This is the Lymphatic system.

This system comprises of 2/3 of the fluids in your body. 1/3 is the blood system.

The lymphatic system takes away the toxins that the body disposes of. If this system is blocked it clogs up and you see it with large oversized bellies.

You can be drinking and eating electrical foods and water but if your elimination system is clogged you will run into a problem. More toxins will sit in your body and eventually turn cancerous, so this is why you need to work on both at the SAME time.

You need to perform daily..I repeat daily lymphatic system drainage massages which I explained in the med bed course, so please refer to your course video or manual.

You can use the Terahertz wand that you bought alongside the daily massage. Also perform the hydrotherapy as I explained in the med bed course. All this will help drain your lymph system faster. It won't be overnight, it will take time and patience and dedication and consistency but the results will show.

The terahertz wand blower is for your elimination system maintenance.

Alright, now we've covered consumption and elimination. Let me explain the grounding and zapping.

Our bodies can be either one of two states, positive or negative.

Positive promotes sickness.

Negative promotes healing.

It is a tug of war and most people are losing it. Why? Because their bodies are in a constant state of positive charges. Proof? Go look at the number of people going to hospitals and clinics and the constant expanding of hospitals. There is your proof.

The best way and from what I see, and possibly the only way to remove the positive charge from your body is by grounding and/or earthing.

As long as your body remains positively charged it will not heal effectively. Healing will be slow even if you're taking prophetic medicine. Medicine of the Qur'an or the Bible. The body can only heal when it is negative. Now you can actually change your body's states through your mind power. You can raise your negative voltage with your mind power alone. Will power as they call it. Your will to heal, your will to survive and overcome all obstacles in life.

But most people's will power is being squashed by medication and negativity in their lives. Negative people, negative news, there is too much negativity surrounding people today. All of this has been done with a purpose to limit us.

Another example is being happy, laughing, smiling, these things raise your negative voltage. Good news, happy news, raises your negative healing voltage.

Now do not confuse a positive mental attitude versus a negative mental attitude against positive electrical charges versus negative electrical charges.

Follow this chart:

Positive mental attitude = raises your voltage

Negative electrical state = raises your voltage.

Positive electrical state = lowers your voltage

Negative mental attitude = lowers your voltage

Is that clear?