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Question:Can I know why people who says they have covid are tasteless when eating and drinking?

My Response:

Actually, this makes absolute sense.

It could be, just that the people lack the understanding and observation skills and lack of education, to understand what the body is going through and they think it's because of covid.

So let's recap what is happening in the body.

During the fever stage, when the body is removing toxins, (during normal body detoxing) the body does not want you to put more into it while it's doing its "cleaning".

This is where the old proverb comes into play. "Feed a cold, starve a fever." Did a light bulb just go on in your head? This saying has been around since the 1,500's and there is reason for that.

Now one can call the entire process a "cold" in which I called it "Normal Body Detoxification". So Cold or NBD, it is all the same thing.

Meaning that during the fever stage, your body is warming up to go to combat so it does not want you eat or over eat, but drink liquids (water). The tasteless feeling from the tongue is an activation mode set from the immune system to trigger this "do not eat" response mode. Then when the body has recover itself from the fever and it begins to cool down, that begins the runny nose, coughing, sneezing, etc. as the body is removing the "casualties" let's call it that. During the war the body needed extra re-enforcement and took them from the bone marrow, aka, The Natural Killer Cells, so now it needs nutrients in order to replenish itself and voila you get hungry again. Therefore the body has de-activated the tastelessness mode so you can eat again.

Kind of like when you want to check into a hotel room, and they are cleaning the room, you need to wait until they are done. Does that make sense? It does to me.

This tasteless activation mode was always there, but like I said most people lack the connection to their body to understand what is really going on. BUT because of "Covid", people are paranoid and now realize, OH Shoot! I can't taste my food I must be at stage 4. Covid does not exist, viruses outside of body do not exist, all that is taking place among people is NBD, for the majority and for a minority chronic sickness.

What is interesting to note, that it's also a home remedy to give HOT soup, sometimes chicken soup, during the fever stage, Malays give HOT porridge. The key word is HOT, because it helps to keep the body warm during the fever and at the same time keeps the body hydrated. The spices in the soups are filled with value and helps the body and the liquid hydrates, everything has purpose.

Now, I could be wrong, in what I just said, I am not an expert, but this is just my logical thinking and understanding talking out loud.

Let's just talk about fever for a minute. When your body develops fever, as I said in my book, it's going through a process. Please re-read this section again in my book, as I won't repeat it here. But what I want you to distinguish is the fever caused by natural body detoxing and chronic sickness. Just because you have fever may not mean that your body is detoxing, if the fever is prolonged then it could be from chronic sickness. Remember have a split in your mind between NBD and Chronic Sickness, they are separate. The Medical Establishment is trying to portray them as one but that's wrong, in my opinion. Maybe the fever did start from detoxing, however, the body determined there is another issue with an organ and it wants to continue the fever in order to better repair the organ, hence you may have a fever for a week or two. This is where the medical establishment failed in educating us on how the body really works and we need to figure things our on our own.

Fever is an alarm or warning system or as some call it the body's defense system. The point that I want to make is that when you have a fever, pay attention to it, meditate on it and try to let your soul connect to your body. Our Souls/Spirit beings inside of us are running the show and our bodies listens to the soul.

The concept of Mind-Body-Soul-Heart is important in healing. Your body may be sick, which was caused by the Heart. So if you do not heal the Heart, then your body will not heal. Does that make sense guys?

All 4 must be in unison for healing to occur. The 4 concept is what the Medical Establishment has failed to treat. They treat soul, heart and mind as disorders and give medication. Where as just a simple walk in the forest is all the body needs to get back into unison. Earthing as what was recently posted.

This is really getting to deeper levels of healing, so I will stop here.

Thanks for reading and I hope was educational.


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