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Virologist Fraudsters!

Here is more evidence that virologists are nothing more than snake oil salesman lying to you.

4. Viruses have never been seen in a human/animal/plant or in liquids thereof

Virologists claim that infectious, i.e. intact viruses are supposed to be present in large numbers in blood and saliva. That is why, for example, in the Corona crisis, all people wear a

mask. To date, however, not a single virus has been photographed in saliva, blood or other

places in human/animal/plant or fluids, although electron microscopic imaging is now an

easy and routine standard technique. This unambiguous and easily verifiable fact

alone, that there are no images of viruses in human/animal/plant or liquids from it,

disproves all virus allegations. something that has never been seen in human/animal/plant or

liquids from it must not be given as a scientifically proven fact.

virologists fraudsters
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