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Cleaning the copper discs on your Zapper

In order to keep the follow of electricity into your body, from your zapper, you will need to clean the copper discs contacts from time to time.

If your discs look like this then it is time to clean them. If you do not clean them the electrical flow will be reduced and therefore the healing effect will be lesser.

One of the copper discs will look darker than the other.

I suggest to use cleaning solution that is designed to clean jewelry or copper metal. For example something like this Copper Cleaning Kit found on Shopee. You are welcome to search around for other brands and price options too.

Do not spray any liquid directly on the back of the zapper but spray on a soft towel or tissue and then firmly wipe and rub the copper discs. Depending upon the condition of the discs you may have to scrub fairly hard until clean. Spread a large size newspaper or a tray when cleaning the discs. As you are cleaning use a new tissue or the dry part of the towel to wipe the copper discs. Use more cleaning solution as required until both discs are shiny.

REMEMBER: Never SPRAY or USE Water directly on the back of the zapper. As the liquid may leak into the unit.

It should look like this when you are all done cleaning.

Now your Zapper is cleaned and ready to use and the electricity flow will be a full speed. After Cleaning, you should feel the tingling feeling of the electricity flowing into your body.

I advise cleaning the copper discs once every month or two, this will insure maximum healing performance from your zapper.

If you have any questions please contact me.


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