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For thousands of years, Prophetic Medicine was the CURE for EVERY known disease. It Worked! Actually Prophetic Medicine was the cure for everything up to the 1900's. However, today, the vegetables that we eat and even honey doesn't seem to help cure us. So why is that?

There are actually several reasons for that. The first being that mankind has lost faith in Prophetic Medicine by turning towards the Medical Establishment (Hospitals). What's my proof of that? Well, there are more and more hospitals being built or expanded. People today, for the slightest issue run towards the doctor and they bring their children for treatments. They believe they are doing the right thing because the Hospitals "appear" to have the cutting edge technology and after all, we're living in technological society, right?. Well maybe that's the problem. Another example, some people want to "try" Prophetic Medicine. Something that has worked for thousands and thousands of years, why do you want to "try", can you not see how corrupted their minds and belief is? Either you DO or DO NOT, there is NO TRY! And when the results are not to their liking, they run back to the Doctors. There is NO belief in these people. They have already blocked off or closed off their minds to Prophetic Medicine as being an option to cure them. And maybe that's because their scared or have fear, but who is the one pumping and pushing all of this fear? The same Medical Establishment!

So let's move on to the second issue, Technology. Technology that we believe is the cure, is actually what is making us more and more sick.

The general problem with mankind, especially, with the "educated men and women" is they have no faith in themselves that they can treat and cure themselves.

You see this saying written everywhere, on internet blogs, on product labels, it's being pumped everywhere. "Consult your Physician or Doctor before using". So you cannot consult yourself, you MUST consult your Doctor! This is right in everyone's faces but people are too blind to see it.

Want to start a new diet and nutrition plan? Consult your Doctor.

Want to start a new exercise program? Consult your Doctor.

Want to use Prophetic Medicine or Alternative Cures? Consult your Doctor.

Want to grow and eat organic food? Consult your Doctor.

Want to use your brains to think? Consult your Doctor FIRST!

Am I the only one seeing this everywhere?

The FACT-CHECK on Prophetic Medicine is very clear, IT WORKS BUT due to the beliefs of the "educated men and women", they rather put their trusts and faith in their Doctors, than their Prophets. How can I prove that?

Simple, look at all the people taking this Covid vaccine and booster shots. So easily they believe their Governments, so easily they believe their Doctors, that they have no belief in themselves and that of their Creator, God Almighty by using Prophetic Medicine.

The Government says to take the booster, so people take it. Case and Point settled!

This lack of faith in the Prophets and God Almighty has resulted in lack of faith in Prophetic Medicine. And the sad reality to all of these "educated men and women" is Prophetic Medicine is what really works. It is what the body needs to heal and cure itself. The "stuff" (I would rather use other harsh words) the Medical Establishment creates does not cure you, it only treats the symptoms and buffers the root underlying causes of sickness. How many people using hospital medications do you hear is cured from diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer or anything? So is this where the "educated men and women" place their trusts? An evil failed system that has no intention to cure people! And if someone does say the "SYSTEM" healed them, then ask them if they took any Prophetic Medicine or Alternative cures and let the truth speak for itself.

So the first is belief, and I mentioned that there is a second issue that is preventing Prophetic Medicine from working. As I said, prior to the 1900's Prophetic Medicine WORKED and WORKED FAST! So what has CHANGED since then...The short answer... TECHNOLOGY!

In particular, EMF/RF Radiation, this is what has happened. People started to get sick with the introduction of Radar towers, and then more people got sick with the introduction of Electrical towers, and now more people are getting stick with the introduction of telecommunication towers, in particular 4G and 5G.

This invisible technology, aka Radiation, is slowly killing all of us, even the "educated men and women", the same technology that they put so much trust in, will affect them too. I guarantee you!