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Diabetes and the cure.

I was sent this question:

"Hi Ali could you kindly send a protocol for my wife’s diabetes. TQ and God bless you always and abundantly."

My Reply: I shared video, a little while back, and it has many great little nuggets of information inside it. It was a speech by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf to the Muslim Medical Association in Canada. He covered many remedies to many ailments including diabetes.

I highly recommend you watch the complete video with your wife and take what you can from the video, the answer you seek is at 20:20 mark.

After listening to the video, follow up with these links:

And something else that I posted recently, which you may have missed is this: The Power of DMSO. During and after your (Plural) walks, take a bottle of water (500ml) mixed with 2 drops MMS and 5 drops DMSO (if 5 drops too strong then drop it to 2) and drink before, during and after the walk and have fun.


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