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"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest." (Qur'an 13:28)

I am sharing a health post to make you all think about your health and your bodies.

we start here:

"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest." (Qur'an 13:28)

All Muslims are very familiar with this line from the Qur'an, but have you thought about the science behind it? Myself, no, until I started learning and doing more research into the body.

I will add another quote by Meher Baba and then connect the relationship of these two quotes together.

"A mind that is fast is sick. A mind that is slow is sound. A mind that is still is divine."

Having a busy mind is not healthy at all. Keeping yourself busy is not healthy at all. Have you noticed how many people, and probably including yourself and I admit, I used to be like this before, keep themselves busy by scrolling through Whatsapp, Facebook or other social media pages, at traffic lights or at the Mall or if waiting for someone. Nowadays it's becoming quite common to see and if you do not see it then you are blind. It's very common at restaurants that people including families do not talk but all are on their phones. It has become that checking what other people are up to is a higher priority than the people right in front of you. Parents why do you allow your children to do this? Why do you allow them to use hand phones at the dinner table? Or maybe they are learning from example?

Do you know what is really happening when your mind is busy? A fast paced mind is causing your energy to leak out and when enough energy leaks out it causes your body's voltage to drop. I have explained about voltage in my ebook "The Classification of Sickness". Have you taken the time to read my ebook? I now have the BM Malaysia version of the eBook.

So where does the energy go to? Into the air, should be your first guess, right? Which is true, but where it actually goes is an area of space about 6 feet around you called your biofield, some may call it aura but I believe they are not the same but they have some connection. This energy leakage is similar to an app that is draining your smart phone's battery, now can you relate?

So what happens to this leaked energy in your biofield? It becomes stagnant and will stay there for your entire life. Even trauma that you might have had when you were 8 years old is still there. Years and Years of leaked energy building up, do you think this will be good for you? No it won't! It will make you sick. Can we do anything about this stagnant energy, YES you can but that requires you to research the body's electrical system. Do I know how to return this stagnant energy back inside the body? YES I DO! Will I tell you? Maybe later in the future. For now I have planted a seed in all of you, for some of you, you will water the seed and watch it grow, for others you will let the seed die. So it's your choice.

So let's all think about the science of the Qur'anic verse above. "Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest."

Try this experiment. Sit on the floor, or on a chair and make sure there is no noise and distractions around you. Mute your phone(s). Then close your eyes and try to feel the pressure in your mind and around your head. First, try and clear your mind but after 30 seconds or so your thoughts will come back and it will soon race around in your head. Let the thoughts come back and try to feel that pressure of racing thoughts. For some of you, you will feel the pressure, but for others you won't feel anything at all and you need to practice this some more. BUT sooner or later you can all feel it.

The pressure that you're feeling is energy being leaked out. Why is it that majority of your body heat escapes from your head? For those who have experienced the cold weather, you will know that we wear hats to keep the heat from escaping. So you can see, if heat is escaping why not energy?

Once you feel it, now think about Allah or God. Even just say the words in your mind. "God is the Greatest". Then feel/observe the pressure in your mind. You should notice something very interesting. The pressure decreases. It's actually quite fascinating and I discovered this on my own.

What is happening is when you think about God and the more you think about God, your energy is not leaking out.

So whenever you feel your thoughts are racing, the fastest way to slow things down is to remember God. "Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest."

Why did Allah refer to the heart? Why didn't Allah say, Just remember me and that's enough? Why did he mention heart? Everything is for purpose and reason and I will explain to you. As your thoughts race this increases your heart beat. For many people today, their heart beats have increased and for many around 80-90 beats per second. This is not a sound heart, not a healthy heart beat. At this beat it causes you to quickly get angry when provoked. Ideally we should be around 50-60. You can buy finger monitors online, like those you see used in the hospitals and they are pretty cheap. Then you can monitor your heart beat.

Now let's connect the dots some more. This fast heart beat causes the 5 battery packs in your body to drain faster. And if you are not able to keep boosting the batteries sooner or later the batteries will drain resulting in Chronic Sickness.

Have you not noticed, or maybe you didn't stop to take the time to notice that exactly 100 years ago, right here in Malaysia the hospitals were very small. Most were two levels and around the size of a 2 level bungalow of today. So why is it that the hospitals have increased to 10 floors and they keep expanding their wings all the time? Or more and more hospitals keep popping up?

It is either two reasons, (1) you can say the population has increased, therefore more people are getting sick. Or (2) the environment around us has changed to the point that it is making more and more people sick.

So the obvious reason is number 2. So can we change our environment or can we change ourselves? Which is easier? We cannot change the environment, unless you want go and blow up every cell phone tower around you, so YOU need to adapt.

And one simple method, one simple way, is to reduce your thoughts. I am not saying to stop thinking and just become stupid. I am saying stop keeping busy, stop multi-tasking, when you're sitting and waiting for someone instead of reaching for your hand phone, close your eyes for a second think more about God.

Keep your thoughts still. "A mind that is still is divine."

Today, I have planted many seeds in you, now water the seeds and let them grow, if the seeds die, then it's your loss.


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